FlowPlay Ups the Ante With BetZone, the Social Casino Industry's First-Ever Sports Betting Gameplay

Establishes Vegas World as the First Social Casino MMORPG to Combine Lucrative Sports and Lifestyle Betting With Multiplayer Casino-Style Gaming

SEATTLE, WA - Sep 16, 2014 -- FlowPlay, a leader in virtual world games and technology, today introduced BetZone, the first-ever sports betting offering available in the rapidly growing social casino market. Available in FlowPlay's flagship social casino MMORPG, Vegas World, is the first virtual world and social casino offering to incorporate multiplayer sports betting functionality. BetZone gives players the ability to bet virtual currency (coins) on sporting events such as NFL games or the MLB World Series. In coming weeks, BetZone will incorporate casual fantasy sports-related games, political betting on elections from around the world, and lifestyle betting on elimination-driven TV shows or other pop culture events. During the first weekend of beta launch, 35,000 bets were made and 20 billion coins wagered within BetZone.

Sports betting accounts for a majority of the online gambling market opportunity. In fact, according to sports data analysts, Sportsradar, worldwide sports betting revenues are estimated to be between $700 billion and $1 trillion each year. As real-money gaming and online gambling remain highly regulated industries across the globe, many business leaders are cashing in on the rapidly growing social casino market, which Eilers Research estimates generated 10x the revenue of regulated online gambling in Q1 2014 (US).

FlowPlay social casino games far surpass competitive monetization rates, including an average revenue per daily active user (ARPDAU) of 44 cents -- more than double the industry standard of 21 cents ARPDAU. FlowPlay also achieves the second highest monetization rates on desktop, according statistics reporter by SuperData in July 2014. With BetZone, FlowPlay is bringing lucrative sports betting to social casinos for the first time.

BetZone goes beyond a traditional online sportsbook by incorporating social interactions in a virtual environment. For example, players can see what bets other players are placing, and wager up to 10 percent of their own coin bank -- stimulating conversation and community. BetZone is offered within a social casino virtual world, allowing players to chat, exchange drink charms or simultaneously enjoy additional multiplayer casino-style games, including bingo, poker, slots, or blackjack.

"Incorporating sports betting into our social casino virtual environments was a natural progression for FlowPlay and Vegas World," said Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay. "FlowPlay brings a multiplayer environment and games mentality to this genre, and no one has ever approach it in this way. Betting virtual currency is just the first sports play for us, and we're eager to bring more casual fantasy sports-related games unlike anything the industry has ever experienced."

Separate from its own social casino consumer product, Vegas World, FlowPlay's social casino white-label platform helps companies integrate and capitalize on sports betting and social casino revenue opportunities. FlowPlay partners can quickly and easily bring their own uniquely branded, multiplayer social casino offerings to market. In addition to sports betting, white-label partners can launch a full spectrum of social casino games, such as bingo, poker, slots, blackjack or custom-built casino-style games all within a virtual world environment.

About FlowPlay
FlowPlay, a developer of virtual environment and game technologies, make immersive worlds and massive multiplayer games possible with no software required beyond a basic browser. FlowPlay's first consumer product, ourWorld, is played by over 35 million players and is one of the most popular teen virtual worlds. Vegas World, FlowPlay's flagship social casino MMORPG, achieves industry-leading player monetization rates. In November 2013, FlowPlay introduced its social casino white-label platform, allowing businesses from any industry to quickly and easily bring their own uniquely branded social casino games to market. FlowPlay was founded in 2006 and is primarily funded by Intel Capital and the creators of Skype. For more information on FlowPlay, contact bizdev@flowplay.com.

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