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We zig when others zag

And while we specialize in fun, our technology is the lifeblood of all our games and experiences. By embracing a variety of strategic partnerships, open-source endeavors and emerging technologies, FlowPlay continues to adapt to changing market conditions while maintaining industry-leading player retention and monetization rates.   


core technology


key partnerships


Dragonchain Through a strategic investment and partnership with the open-source blockchain platform, FlowPlay is leveraging Dragonchain’s blockchain technology to develop an in-game monetization platform for casual social games.


Haxe is a truly cross-platform development technology, and is the foundation of FlowPlay’s immersive gaming platform, offering us the ability to natively publish games and apps across almost any platform imaginable, with just one codebase. FlowPlay is a key supporter of Haxe’s growth, contributing heavily to the open-source community and its non-profit arm, the Haxe Foundation.



Sportradar FlowPlay partners with the sports wagering industry’s leading data provider, Sportradar, to provide the real-time sports stats that power our social sports betting offerings. These include a DFS offering, a sportsbook, and several other unique gameplay experiences such as Dynasty Football, a fantasy football strategy card game.

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OpenFL An open-source library and framework, OpenFL integrates seamlessly with Haxe to support FlowPlay’s cross-platform strategy and accelerate development times across HTML5, Flash and native Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.