Collectible Card Game Fans Draft Their Decks in Dynasty Football, Online Strategy Card Game from FlowPlay

Creator of the Most Robust Set of Free-to-Play Social Sports Wagering Games Invites Players to the Gridiron for Head-to-Head Card Matches

SEATTLE, Nov. 1, 2016 -- FlowPlay, creator of the most powerful immersive gaming platform, today announced the launch of Dynasty Football, an online fantasy football strategy card game. Created for fantasy football fans and collectible card game enthusiasts alike, Dynasty Football combines the real-world stats and player drafting mechanics of fantasy football with the excitement of head-to-head card matches. As the fifth social sports wagering game from FlowPlay, Dynasty Football rounds out the industry's most robust suite of free-to-play fantasy sports-based games.   

Fans get ready to dominate the league, crush the competition and become a legend at Also be sure to check out the gameplay trailer at

Players draft their decks from a set of more than 350 cards in this fast-paced, head-to-head card game designed to simulate a virtual football game. Just like football, the goal is to advance the ball toward the opponent's end zone and score a touchdown. Using 30-card offensive and defensive decks, players devise strategies to build an unstoppable passing offense or the ultimate shutdown defense.

Secure a winning record in Dynasty Football by mastering the gameplay features, including:

  • Build a Team: Essential in the drafting of 7-card hands, Player cards feature a Fantasy Value based on the player's real-world stats from the 2015 season. Cards span offensive and defensive positions such as Quarterback and Defensive Lineman.
  • Win a Down: Similar to rock-paper-scissors, each player position trumps one position, is neutral to another, and it trumped by a third position. The winning formula is simple – if the Player card trumps the opponent's card, the down is won. If the two cards are neutral, the higher Fantasy Value triumphs.
  • Make a Big Play: If the Player card both trumps and has higher Fantasy Value than the opponent's, a Big Play results. On offense this means double the yard gain, while on defense this means a loss of yards for the offense.
  • Power Up: Power cards represent game-changing plays, abilities and strategies such as interceptions, timeouts and formations.
  • Expand the Bench: By winning games and completing daily challenges, players earn virtual currency to purchase new card packs.  

"Collectible card games have become increasingly popular over the last two years, and we saw an opportunity to bring our expertise in casual fantasy sports games to this growing market," said Derrick Morton, CEO of FlowPlay. "Dynasty Football brings together the fun of fantasy and strategy of digital card games into a one-of-a-kind, social experience."

FlowPlay is the definitive leader in social sports wagering, with the industry's most robust set of free-to-play fantasy sports-based games. Dynasty Football joins FlowPlay's suite of titles alongside Vegas World Sports Book5 Card DraftAll Star Daily Fantasy and Ready Set Bet. All games can be played in FlowPlay's flagship massively multiplayer online game (MMO), Vegas World.

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