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Our values

At FlowPlay, we have three guiding principles. We find that if we stick to these, people are happy and happy people make positive progress.

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within our games, our office and the city in which we call home.

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online and off through constant innovation and creativity.

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by avoiding trends and forging new paths

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Derrick Morton, co-founder and CEO of Seattle-based FlowPlay, has been an entrepreneur, leader and innovator in the digital entertainment industry for more than 20 years. At the helm of FlowPlay for the last decade, he has established the company as the creator of the industry’s most powerful immersive gaming platform, and driven product innovation to build an engaging multiplayer social casino that captures the attention of 75 million users worldwide. He has identified new opportunities and untapped markets including free-to-play sports betting and fantasy sports gaming, and spearheaded the development of more than 200 digital entertainment projects.



Doug Pearson, Co-Founder and CTO Doug has more than 20 years of experience as a professional software developer leading dozens of projects for organizations like Real Networks and the Department of Defense. He founded ThreePenny Software in 2002, a successful casual games studio for mobile and handheld devices which shipped more than 20 casual game titles. ThreePenny was responsible for the majority of mobile titles shipped by GameHouse and Real Networks around the time of the GameHouse acquisition by Real Networks. He was nominated for a distinguished dissertation award for his Ph.D. thesis work in the field of Artificial Intelligence, has published over 15 academic research papers and contributed to two patents. Today, he is responsible for all technical aspects of FlowPlay's virtual game worlds as Chief Technology Officer with a particular focus on the challenges of delivering high performance, massively multi-threaded software targeting a wide range of platforms.


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JENNY BURGESS,  VP User Acquisition & Growth Marketing

JUAN GRIL, Executive Producer

SCOTT PULTZ, Chief Architect

KRISTEN VAN DAM, Senior Art Director



NAVEEN AHMED, VP Brand Marketing

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MICHAEL SCHUTZLER, Board of Directors, FlowPlay Michael is a seasoned leader with a proven track record of rapid growth, start-up, and turn-around management spanning nearly 30 years. As a successful Internet entrepreneur and investor he has helped launch more than a dozen companies. He has been in leadership roles in public and private companies, non-profit and public service organizations. Michael has managed teams as small as 5 people and organizations as large as 350 employees and has been an active public speaker for nearly 10 years. Previous roles include President and CEO of Classmates.com and SVP Global Games Division of RealNetworks.


MIKE SLADE, Board of Directors, FlowPlay Mike Slade began his career at Microsoft in 1983 and spent seven years there in a variety of product marketing roles. Products he introduced to the market include Excel (1985), Works (1987), and Microsoft Office (1989). He served as director of corporate marketing in Microsoft's systems software division before leaving in late 1990. Slade spent 1991-92 as the VP-Marketing for NeXT Computer, Inc., reporting to Steve Jobs. In 1993 Slade was hired as CEO of Starwave, Paul Allen's trailblazing venture into the Internet and multimedia. While building Starwave, Slade launched ESPN.com, NBA.com, NFL.com, NASCAR.com, ABCNews.com and the Go.com network. Mike Slade retired as Chairman and CEO of Starwave Corporation upon the completion of its sale to the Walt Disney Corp. in late 1998. From 1998 until 2004 Slade served as strategic advisor for Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, where he sat on the executive team reporting to Jobs. Slade has also worked as a strategic consultant for ESPN, NBA.com, NFL.com, Starbucks, Real Networks, Disney, and various Paul Allen companies. He is currently working on consulting assignments with Intentional Software (Seattle) and Apigee (APIC) in San Jose, CA. Slade co-founded the venture capital firm Second Avenue Partners in 2000. He currently sits on the boards of the following companies: Fantasy Moguls; RealSelf; JeNu, Inc., FlowPlay, HealthSlate, and TheWrap.com.




OUR TEAMS are our heart & soul


Job Openings

Senior Haxe Developer


  • Excellent object oriented design and development skills
  • Visual design skills not required -- we're looking for a top coder not a designer
  • Either excellent Haxe skills or advanced skills in another language (ActionScript, Java, C++) and ability to learn quickly
  • Familiarity with Haxe or OpenFL a plus
  • Experience with rapid, iterative development
  • Excellent communication and team member skills
  • 4-6 years engineering experience
  • CS degree a plus


  • Health (PPO), Vision, Dental
  • Long and Short Term Disability
  • Life Insurance up to one year salary
  • 401k with 100% matching (up to 4% of salary)
  • Tuesday and Thursday work from home
  • Fully subsidized public transportation
  • Lunch provided


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